Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) describes the ability of a machine to make human like decisions on its own and Machine Learning (ML) is the process by which this is achieved.  A computer is programmed to analyse existing data and using sophisticated algorithms, learn from that data if a predictive relationship exists that it can use to determine future outcomes.

We are already using AI today in various forms in our day to day lives, from the Personal Digital Assistants we use at home (e.g. Alexa) to Social Media on your phone (e.g. LinkedIn) and the Search Engines on your computer (e.g. Google).

It is a technology that has of course been championed by these Silicon Valley tech giants, and has really begun to come into its own in recent years through a series of key drivers -

  • Ongoing improvements in the speed and cost of computer processing power and the growth in cloud computing,
  • A huge increase in the amount of electronic data available,
  • The development and utilisation of sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms to train that data and make increasingly accurate and reliable predictions.

According to a recent survey conducted by global consultants SAS and Accenture, a growing number of less high profile, enterprise scale organisations are now beginning to explore how this emerging technology may be able to support their goals, and the majority consider the early projects to have been successful.

The potential economic gains are enormous and to this end AI is one of the four Grand Challenges set out in the government's latest Industrial Strategy to put the UK at the forefront of the industries of the future.

The goal is to ensure that the country takes full advantage of these major global changes, improving people’s lives and the country’s productivity, and importantly this growth will not only come from larger organisations.

The real momentum will be only be achieved when more of the country's medium sized businesses begin to consider how they too can take advantage of this ground-breaking phenomenon.

How can it help me?

Machine Learning can help you discover hidden insights in your organisation across many areas.

Here at datatrainer we are aiming to accelerate the use of AI by working with forward thinking, medium sized organisations that have the courage to explore and embrace the future ahead of their rivals.

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