I don't have any data so can I still use AI?

Data is the new oil and is key to achieving the full benefits of Machine Learning, but even if you don't have it to hand, we may be able to help you start collecting it to use in the future and there may even be external data sources available that can bring added insight to your organisation and we can help you identify and use those too.

Isn't AI only for big businesses?

Enterprise scale businesses are increasingly exploring the benefits of Machine Learning, but you don't have to be huge to get ahead of the game.  Strong medium sized businesses are often able to adapt to change more quickly and reap the benefits ahead of larger but slower competitors.  Remember, Amazon started in 1995 as a small online book seller but is now one of the most valuable businesses in the world!

Can we just have a chat about it first?

Machine Learning is a complex subject and we fully understand you may well want to build up your understanding before moving ahead on any specific projects.  We are more than happy to talk you through the background and explore how we may be able to support you at an initial meeting at no cost and with no obligation.

Will AI mean big changes for us?

Machine Learning may well reveal ways to radically change the way you do things, but it doesn't have to.  There may be multiple means by which it can help you. An initial pilot project might be a good way to start your AI journey and prepare your business for more significant developments later on in the future.

What will it mean for the staff affected?

There may be implications for your staffing needs as some projects can find efficiencies through leaner working, but it can also free up your people from more mundane tasks and allow them to contribute in more valuable and rewarding ways.  We will work sensitively with all stake holders throughout the process and AI often means augmenting human performance rather than displacing it.

What are the costs?

We are happy to discuss costs at our initial meeting, though it obviously depends greatly on the type of project in question. We firmly believe that the benefits available will far outweigh any costs incurred and often projects can predict cost savings/increased margins/revenues to forecast a ROI and aid decision making.