Meeting to define Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning opportunities

#1 Initial consultation

Here we will help you understand more about AI/ML and what we do and try to gain an insight into any specific aims you may have and explore what potential there may be for alternative thinking within your organisation.

Exploring what data may be available to help an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning project

#2 Brief and data exploration

Here we will engage with you to agree the aims of the project in more detail and establish what existing data there may be available to facilitate it within the organisation and what more data it may be possible to collect both internally and potentially from outside sources.

Determine the best machine learning model available

#3 Data training & model selection

Here we will first conduct the early data analysis and then after applying multiple techniques, determine and validate through testing and fine tuning, which specific machine learning algorithms maximise predictive outcomes.

Present back our findings and recommendations on the machine learning project

#4 Report findings

Here we will report our findings back to you, explaining the methods and results and discuss the implications with respect to implementation.

Support the deployment of the machine learning recommendations

#5 Deploy and monitor

Here we will work with you to incorporate the findings into the existing business practices and review the initial post implementation results.